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She Who Embroiders the Truth

Welcome to She Who Embroiders the Truth: a collection of personal memoirs by Elinor Kapp.

About the Author

Elinor Kapp MB. BS. DPM. FRCPsych. BA. is an eminent retired psychiatrist and psychotherapist with an added degree in Embroidered Textiles. She is a storyteller and writer who has published two books on words derived from textiles and a third of original fairy tales. Elinor lives in Cardiff, has a wicked sense of humour and loves company, including that of her lovely family.

Here she shares stories from her colourful life – some painful, some joyful – in the hope that you will identify with some of the common struggles we all face, as well as a humorous tale or two.

A Patchwork Heart 

Elinor’s memoirs, collectively titled A Patchwork Heart, are published here weekly. Every chapter has a different story to tell, from wartime evacuation to French encounters, first love to a career in medicine, and of course, imagined conversations with Death.

Throughout this site you will also find examples of her stunning embroidery; a treasure trove of colour, magic and whimsy. Follow Ruffians & Loose Women on Facebook for social updates. 

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